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SCHA 2014SS Collection



2014年3月1日(土)より”SCHA”2014 SS 展示を行います。ドイツ、ケルンのデザイナー Ewa Kulasek(エヴァ・クラセク)。エヴァはデュッセルドルフのアカデミー・オブ・ ファイン・アーツで絵画と彫刻を学び、2004年にSCHAを発表しました。すべて天然素材を用い、彼女の小さな工房で一つずつ手作りされています。長く使い続けられるシンプルさと親しみやすさ、洗練されたフォルムと現代的な軽やかさを併せ持ち、被る人や被り方、被る場所によってさまざまな表情を見せてくれるSCHAの帽子。今季はdoinelではおなじみのナチュラルカラーやブラックのハットの他、オフホワイトやダークブルーも加わり、より清々しいラインナップです。またSCHAならではのアートな気分を味わえる、大人だからこそ取り入れたい新しいアイテム、フラワーアクセサリーも。カジュアルでありながら品のあるSCHAの帽子、一足早く春を感じてお楽しみください。
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At doinel, the exhibition of 2014 SCHA SS Collection will be held from Mar 1st (Sat). The designer of “SCHA”, Ewa Kulasek, studied painting and sculpture at the Academy of fine arts in Duesseldorf. In 2004 she started the German label “SCHA” and presented her first hat collection. As for the materials of her hats, she use only natural materials for every hat and every hat is made by herself in her small own studio. SCHA’s hats hold the simplicity and casualness for being continuously used in daily life, and also have sophisticated form and modern aspect in them. Many of SCHA’s hats have many faces. It depends on the way you wear them. It depends on the way you combine them. At this exhibition, doinel will introduce some variety of hats from SCHA 2014 SS collection. This season, as the new lineups of colors, off-white and dark blue hats will join in addition to familiar type of natural or black color hats. In addition, we introduce artistic flower accessories like SCHA as new products. SCHA’s products have not only casual taste but also noble one. Please drop in doinel on this occasion and please feel early spring to try on hats from SCHA 2014 SS collection.