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Vaxbo Lin “Floor Cloth”




スウェーデン北部のヘルシングランド地方にて 1989 年に創業した Vaxbo Lin (ヴァックスボ・リン)社。古くから麻の産地であった当地で、 創業当時から変わらずリネンの紡績、デザイン、織りの全製造工程を自社で行い、手工芸の伝統とモダンなデザインを文字通り織り上げています。上質なリネン100%の製品は、スウェーデン自然保護団体「Swedish Society for Nature Conservation」発行のエコラベル「Bra Miljoval」の認定を得ています。床や棚の掃除、濡れた自転車や雨の散歩後の犬を拭いたりする他、キッチンのドライラックに敷くなど広い用途に自由にお使いいただける大判のフロアクロスは、アイテムやフロアを傷付けず、吸水力も良く何度洗っても丈夫で長持ちです。


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“Växbo Lin” is the textile manufacturer located in Växbo of northern part of Sweden founded in 1989. At the hemp-growing region, since this foundation they have been spinning hemp, weaving and designing throughout the manufacturing process with traditional weaving looms and produces beautiful linen products such as table cloths and towels with the traditional handicraft technique. Växbo Lin products get certified as holding ‘BRAMILJOVAL’ which is ecolabel issued by ‘Swedish Society for Nature conservation’. This time, we introduce the floor cloth of “Växbo Lin”. As all their products consist of 100% pure linen, they are absorbent, sturdy and durable. Its size (50cm X 50cm) makes it versatile for both domestic and professional use – placing as mat under the drainer tray, floor-cleaning, wiping bicycle soaked in the rain and drying the dog coming home from a walk. **Before using the floor cloth, please soak and wash linen in lukewarm water.