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Asako Yagi Exhibition


8月17日(土)から8月25日(日)の期間、北青山のdoinelにてガラス作家 八木麻子さんの展示会を開催いたします。今回の展示会では、食事との色合わせを楽しめるグラフィカルなガラスプレートを中心にご紹介いたします。色鮮やかなプレートに合う食材をじっくりと思い描きながら、献立を考えて調理し、バランスよく盛りつける。食事の「色」を考える時間は、できあがった食事を囲む時間と同じくらいワクワクするものです。質感や色のニュアンスを細かくコントロールできるキルンワーク(電気窯を使った技法)を用いて、氷菓子のような

At doinel, the exhibition of glass works artist, Asako Yagi will be held from Aug 17th (Sat) to Aug 25th (Sun). At this exhibition, we introduce her fine works mainly in graphical glass plates on which you will enjoy the combination of color matching with dishes. Imaging what foods will go with these colorful glass plates, thinking of today’s menu, then cooking the dishes, and serve them on the plates beautifully. The time for thinking about “color” of dishes will be exciting as much as the time for dining and talking with your friends or family. Using the technique of “Kilnworking” by which glass work artists can control the subtle nuances of glass texture and color finely, she produces many fine glass works with beautiful haze such as frozen sweets, and also with the cool and smooth glass texture. Please have a look at this glass works exhibition of “Asako Yagi” at doinel on this occasion.