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Makoto Kagoshima “ZUAN” special website

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【To International Friends】

Now we have created special website of Makoto Kagoshima, ceramic artist! Through the site, you can trace the world of his art works from the point of ‘ZUAN’ means ‘design/pattern/sketch’. Enjoy scrolling! ‘ZUAN’ is Japanese proper name, and it means ‘design/pattern/sketch’.
In the site, showing the process and his techniques of creating the art works and products with many pictures, we will introduce Makoto Kagoshima’s attractive world as much as possible. At this site you can also enjoy the movie of his production scene taken at his atelier in Fukuoka. We hope you will enjoy it. If you feel like, please share it!

In Japan, Makoto Kagoshima exhibition 2013 “ZUAN” had finished with great success in October 2013. In March 2014, the travelling exhibition will be held at ‘thexiaoqi, the gallery in Taipei dealing in Japanese living tools.
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After the travelling exhibition in Taipei, the exhibition will be planned to go on overseas tour, please do look forward to further development of ‘ZUAN’ exhibition!

We sell Makoto Kagoshima’s products for international retailers and wholesalers.
Please feel free to contact us at, If you would like to add our products.
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