Makoto Kagoshima "ZUAN"


'ZUAN', thats the beauty of Makoto Kagoshima's art works, we think

'ZUAN' means decorative disign and pattern. Depending on the materials or techniques, those finish look different each other, but the motifs drawn on the pottery are originally the same 'ZUAN', design and pattern. Before the various canvases such as potteries or papers, Makoto Kagoshima Has no hesitation in drawing a design on each camvas. Makoto Kagoshima's distingt drawing of animals and flowers with lovery touch is quite expressive and well-constructed. So his 'ZUAN', desigh and pattern does not limit the materials, and makes each materials more attractive with his expression by handworks as well as the one by products such as fabrics and paper works. In Oct. 2013, Makoto Kagoshima echibition 2013 'ZUAN' wigh is the collaboration works with 3creators from other fields was held at doinel. At the exhibition, Makoto Kagoshima had opened up a new world of his art works neither in Japanese style nor in Western style through the spetial presentation using KARAKAMI, woodblock pieces and wall painting. This exhibition went with great success. It shows the great breauty of the 'ZUAN' design and patter drawn by Makoto Kagoshima.

      Even if the size of 'ZUAN'is changed from potteries to wall printings, the world of Makoto Kagoshima's art work has benn expressed without any change.


      Makoto Kagoshima

      Born in Fukuoka, Japan. After graduating from the art collage, he worked at an interior shop and is also responsible for the management and display of the shop. Nowadays, he has been making his art works mainly potteries, fabric and printing works at his atelier, named Atelier de La Paix in Fukuoka. His works such as animal shaped art pieces and plates decorated with charming illustrations are so facinating with cheerful atmosphere. Recentry, he holds private exhibition even abroad in LA, Taipeu and London. His areas of activity will be expanding and having many fans of his works from all over the world.

      Past Exhibition

      2013 Chariots on Fire(LA), xiaoqi +g 小器藝廊(台北), 2012, garbdomingo, Gallery fève, Shinjuku ISETAN, dieci207, doinel, gallery Eclectic, B・B・B POTTERS 2011 dieci207, garbdomingo, Shinjuku ISETAN,, Keibunsha, doinel , B・B・B POTTERS

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